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Seasonal Food in Autumn

Autumn Seasonal Food

Colder temperatures, colorful leaves, golden rays of sun in the evening, and moody, rainy days: Autumn has set in. I for my part am getting excited every year once again to grab those brownish, red, and yellow scarfs and jackets and take a nice stroll outside. Or I prepare myself a nice hot cup of tea or coffee, grab myself a warm blanket and some nice music and just watch the raindrops trickle all over those colorful trees outside of my home.

However, the autumnal mood is not the only thing I’m getting all excited about every year. For me getting into the mood or decorating my home fitting to the season, I love to use a lot of crops that are in season right now. I also like to cook fitting recipes or combine produce in season to keep me and my stomach ready and healthy for autumn.

In this blog post, I want to talk about the food I enjoy eating or preparing in the fall. I also like to talk about different crops and what to buy at a farmer’s market. But what to do with all of these ingredients? Don’t worry, I’ll give you some of my favorite flavor combinations and share some helpful links for more recipes – even though I am currently figuring out more on how to cook the right meals for the season as I write this post.

So hop on in and let me share what I’ve learned about autumnal food in my research so far!


In this blogpost, I will be talking about:

  • general typical kind of food and meals in autumn
  • What is ripe now in autumn
  • General ingredient combination ideas
  • Links to more recipes and ideas

Typical Food in Autumn

For me growing up in, general typical meals in fall were things like soups, pies and hotpots. There were lots of variation possibilities with already known meals throughout the year if combined with the right ingredients:

Typical ingredients are vegetables like the autumn-adored pumpkin, potatoes, spinach, kale or celery. Beets, radish, leeks, beans, brussel sprouts and eggplants are also a great base for an autumnal meal!

Fruits like pears, apples, quinces or berries like blackberries, cranberries and blueberries also got me into the autumnal mood, especially if combined with spices like cinnamon, cardamon, ginger or nutmeg. There are even more spices or spice mixes fitting for fall like the all-known pumpkin-spice. However, this is an area of cooking I still need to learn a lot. But don’t be afraid to ask a spice store you trust or maybe the internet and expand your knowledge with experimenting around!

I also can’t forget talking about different kinds of nuts like hazelnut, chestnuts and walnuts. While going out for strolls, I can’t stop myself foraging for them – I still need to figure out how to correctly use acorns and beechnuts, it is always a shame not to use them in their abundance.

While foraging in the forest, don’t forget to be on the lookout for different kinds of mushrooms like cep, field mushroom, chanterelle or puffballs. Depending on your region you might me able to collect different kinds of mushrooms. Please be careful when picking them and consult a professional or guide to not confuse edible mushrooms with inedible or even toxic ones!

Typical meat in autumn for me is venison – even though I’ve unfortunately never tried it. Also duck, beef or pork can be fitting if seasoned and prepared correctly. Sausages can add a nice extra to stew. All in all, meat mostly works all year alround, so keep your eyes open for fitting fall recipes!

Sweet desserts can also get you in the autumnal mood. May it be a classic apple pie, plum cake or apple blackberry crumble, a savory pumpkin pie, a maple caramel glaze on chocolate cake or ginger cookies – the possibilities are endless. If you are more in the mood for preserved food, canned pears with cinnamon or jams made from plums, apricots or quinces might be just the thing for you.

Of course, the autumnal mood does not stop with only food for your taste buds, nice beverages might also add that extra calming flavor. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic: the list extends from apple, cranberry or grape juice to harvest apple cider, pumpkin pie martinis and harvest punch. Also hot beverages like the all-known pumkin spice latte, cinnamon mocha or maple hot chocolate are great to get cozy in fall.

Of course, depending on the region and country you live in, your fitting food in autumn might be different. I’m living in Germany, so most of my memories connected to autumn are based around German traditions and harvest times. Please feel free to write me more about your own food traditions for autumn!

Ready for harvest in autumn?

Autumn Produce

I do have to say: buying ingredients from a farmer’s market really upgraded my food. Unfortunately I still haven’t payed one a visit yet where I am currently living. However, I always enjoy buying there as soon as I am reunited with my family every time.

Not only are you supporting your local community and farmers with buying there, you will also get a great variety of tasty crops in season and other stuff. There are even more benefits to a farmer’s market but I will talk about that another time.

Of course, you could just quickly pay one a visit to check out their offers and let yourself surprise to see what you can grab there. You could also check out a season calendar to know which crops will be ripened when. Of course, depending on your region and climate, different crops will be available there. Maybe you are lucky and some farmers are more experimentative with their offered crops!

Typical crops which can be harvested in autum are pumpkins, squashes, kale, radishes and more. For me living in Germany, harvesting apples is a big part of my seasonal experiences in fall. We got a lot of varieties here and it feels like almost everyone I know got at least one small apple tree. Another favorite of mine – which I didn’t really like as a child – is brussel sprouts. They just taste amazing if roasted or baked with potatoes and béchamel sauce. Grapes and cranberries are a nice snack or garnishment, and pears taste even better if they lie around a bit longer to get that sweet savory flavor. Plums are also a great fruity option to eat – even though they are kind of late in season in autumn. Quinces were always tough for me as a child, because they are not that tasty in their raw form. However, after processing them into a variety of things, their taste is just heavenly.

To get back to vegetables, one of my favorites is eggplant. The flavor this crop can add if prepared correctly is just great. Cauliflower and broccoli, beans and turnips, leek and corn are also options ready to harvest. If you like beetroot, black salsify or celery, keep your eyes on the lookout. Spinach, small radishes and tomatoes should also be available. You see, you won’t get bored in your kitchen with those options!

Maybe your farmers also sell some different kinds of berries. Blackberries, blueberries and maybe some late rasperries are a sweet snack. If you are lucky, they might also sell elderberries, blackthorn berries, rosehips and sea buckthorn berries. All of them also need some kind of processing but I promise, the result is worth the work.

Most farmers market I visited always add more than just the usual harvested crops to your grocery shopping. Mushrooms, nuts, cheese, bread, eggs, meat or fish – keep your eyes open for those options as well! The possibilities for your autumnal food plans are endless!

Autumnal combination ideas

I have told you a lot about different ingredients you can use for your perfect autumn meal plan – but how do I combine them correctly you may ask now. Don’t worry, I got you covered with that!

So apart from the famously known spice combination pumpkin spice – cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and pimento mostly – there are more amazing and delicious autumnal recipes. So for example, apples and blackberries are a great combination in for example an apple crumble. Hokkaido pumkin and walnuts work great together as a soup or pasta sauce. If you take the already mentioned pumpkin spice, you can put it inside your coffe or hot chocolate. It is also a great flavor to add to your waffles or cinnamon rolls for that fall taste. Maple syrup is great as an autumnal flavor itself, however, if you use it to glaze your vegetable or meat, it gets a nice sweet and golden crust. Brussel sprouts and honey are also a similar sweet variation.

A combination that I love – which is not really an autumn-exclusive one but it fits to the main ingredient harvest time – is pear, walnut and cheese like for example gorgonzola. This combination goes heavenly if made as a pasta sauce or filling. Pear and ginger is another dream team for jam amongst other things. Butternut squash and cinnamon also goes well if you want to prepare this pumkin grilled or as a soup.

If you got more vegetables ready at hand, try cooking some soups with them! If you turn them into thick and creamy stews, this is also a great way to enjoy multiple flavors. Stuffed vegetables like mushrooms, eggplants or small pumpkins combined with fitting spices will fill up your kitchen with mouthwatering scents.

For some snack ideas, add roasted pumkin seeds and cranberries to your granola mix for a fruity and nutty breakfast. You can also make your own seasoned nuts with flavors using garlic, ginger and cumin or maple syrup and rosemary. If you want to, check out Pinterest or Instagram for more creative ideas on how to season your own nutmix!

These are only a few ideas which came to my mind while writing this post. I am still experimenting around as well – which is why I love to use Google, Instagram and especially Pinterest to get a lot of interesting ideas. Some recipes still feel overwhelming sometimes but let’s try to make the best out of it together!

Links to more recipes

I gave you a lot of ideas and ingredients in this post. However, now is the big question: How do I cook a nice and delicious autumnal meal with them? To help you (and myself) out, I’ve collected some nice links which kept being stuck in my mind while I wrote this post.

So for example, these websites collected some nice ideas in a quick list for you to find the right recipe while scrolling through their article:

Buzzfeed and BBC also have some great collections where I like to draw some inspiration for my cooking.

While researching I also found this great collection from She keeps a lovely home where the author shared her fall cocktails. I don’t really know a lot about cocktails yet, but they seem nice and delicious and I’ll definitely try some of these!

If you are searching for vegetarian and vegan options for recipes in autumn, check out the recipes from those websites:

Unfortunately, my own recipe list on my blog is not big enough to really mention a lot of meal recommendations here. Nonetheless, I would like to link to my recipe Apple Toast which fits to autumn flavors as well.

If you still want more inspirations, feel free to follow me on Pinterest and take a look at my boards there. I made collections about Autumn Beverages and Autumn Recipe Ideas there which I will update throughout the season.

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