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Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup

What would autumn be without pumpkins? You can find them everywhere: As decoration, growing in gardens, being sold in supermarkets or on farmers markets, or even in sweets or other products. Of course, you can’t miss out on any squash recipes: Muffins, cakes, sauces, oven-roasted, stuffed, and more. Even hot beverages and drinks can be made with it.

But I want to keep things simple. This is why I want to share one of the simplest recipes with you: pumpkin soup. Not is it only easy to make, but you also won’t need many ingredients and it takes less than half an hour!


This soup’s recipe is originally from my grandmother. She cooks it every autumn with her self-grown squashes and potatoes. Since they harvest a lot of produce and I come from a big family, she always prepared a big pot full of soup and froze the rest of it. I fondly remember every time we came back from our family holidays, our grandparents always filled up our fridge and put a whole pot full of soup on the stove so we could quickly eat a warm meal after traveling home for a long time. That is why this is one of my comfort food recipes.

This soup is really simple to make and it made me quite happy the first time I cooked it for myself while experiencing the first autumn away from my family. You can easily keep it in the fridge or the freezer so you have a comforting soup at hand whenever you need it. Of course, there are way more pumpkin soup recipes out there and I haven’t even touched another one yet. However, this one is so basic and nostalgic that I know for sure I will always be coming back to this.

Of course, you can change it for your taste. I haven’t tried it with roasted nuts or cauliflower yet, nor did I put the ingredients into the oven beforehand – which sounds like a great idea to tell you the truth. So feel free to try around and tell me your favorite twist on it!

A quick glance at ingredients and tools

As already mentioned, this recipe is super quick and easy. The nice thick and creamy texture will warm you from the inside, and storing it in the fridge or freezer is also no problem.

You also need only a few ingredients: The basic is one squash, preferably Hokkaido, and some potatoes for the base. Wash them thoroughly or peel them if they are chemically treated. Make sure to always be careful with your knife around the pumpkin since it is often quite sturdy and you might cut yourself if you are not careful enough. Split the squash in half and hollow out the pumpkin by getting rid of the seeds and the insides with a spoon. Make sure not to scratch away too much from it though! Then cut the squash and potatoes into small pieces. Put the pieces into a fitting pot and cover everything with water. If you want to use a liquid broth, add it instead of the water. If not, cover the pot with a lid and bring everything to a boil.

If you want to, you can prepare some garnishes while waiting for the water to boil. Cut bread into small cubes and fry them with salt and pepper, or roast some nuts. Chopping up herbs to sprinkle them over the soup is also a good idea.

As soon as the water starts boiling, add some butter to support the creamy texture for later. Also don’t forget to add your instant broth and a little bit of chili – either flakes or freshly cut – if you have not done it yet. Turn down the heat to medium and let the vegetables simmer until softened. As soon as it is done, take it off the heat. You can now let it cool down for a bit or continue with the preparations. If you decide to work with the hot soup, please be careful with hot splatters in the following step!

The last big step would be to blend it all. Use a mixer or a hand blender to create a smooth texture and get rid of the vegetable pieces. As soon as you are done with this step, add in some whipping cream until it creates a thick and creamy structure. If you let the soup cool down beforehand, make sure to heat it again beforehand to let the whipping cream dissolve better into the blended soup. If needed, season the soup until it tastes good.

Serve it alone or garnished with some breadcrumbs, parsley, or pumpkin seed oil. Enjoy!

What you can change

  • Instead of chili flakes use fresh chili. Be careful, they can be quite hot! But the taste difference is worth it.
  • Feel free to add onions, garlic, or ginger. It will deepen the flavor even more.
  • Adding some toppings like roasted breadcrumbs, roasted nuts or pumpkin seeds, whipping cream, pumpkin oil or chopped parsley is not only a nice garnish, but the structure and flavor they add are also unbeatable.
  • If you want to use liquid broth instead of instant broth, cover the vegetables with that instead of water. Otherwise, your soup might get too watery. You can also use chicken stock instead.
  • I normally use Hokkaido pumpkin for this recipe. However, other squash variants might also work out well, so feel free to experiment around!
  • Adding some other vegetables as well might work out great as well. I can imagine adding sweet potatoes, leek or cauliflower can give this soup that extra flavor.
  • Roasting the pumpkin and potatoes beforehand will add a nice sweet and deep note.
  • Adding spices like cinnamon, nutmeg or cloves might give your meal an exotic touch! Be sure to check another recipe like the one from Cookie and Kate beforehand or experiment with the soup in smaller separate bowls.

Pumpkin Soup



Prep time


Cooking time




  • 1 half of Hokkaido Pumpkin

  • 4-6 Potatoes

  • Butter

  • Whipping Cream

  • Instant Vegetable Broth

  • Chili Flakes

  • Garnish like Parsley, Breadcrumbs or Pumpkin Seed Oil


  • Prepare the pumkin. Wash it thoroughly or peel it and cut it in half. Get rid of the insides and cut it in small pieces. Also peel the potatoes and cut them.

  • Put the cut vegetable into a fitting pot and cover it with water. Put on a lid and bring it to boil.

  • As soon as it starts boiling, turn down the heat a bit. Add your instant vegetable broth, the chili and a little bit of butter and stirr for a bit. Let it simmer until the pumpkin and potatoes are soft.

  • As soon as everything is cooked soft, take it off the heat and blend everything with a blender until smooth. Add in as much whipping cream as needed so the soup is getting thick and creamy. Season it again if needed, put it in a bowl, garnish and serve it.

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