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Bucket List for Fun Activities in Autumn

Autumn leaves and shoes

Are you feeling well in autumn right now? I for my part love this part of the season when trees get colorful, leaves fall like rain, and red berries shine bright in the golden late sun. On rainy days, I prepare myself a nice hot cup of tea and watch the rain or a nice movie. Also collecting and foraging stuff outside and decorating the home is something I love to do in autumn.

However, I do know that the dark days in November are coming up and a lot of people are not that sure what to do in this season. Some other people might get into a sad autumnal mood and wish back those good old summer times. If things are getting out of hand, please feel free to contact others like loved ones and friends or find yourself a good way to feel happy and fulfilled again.

For me, doing lots of fun activities and making the best out of every season has helped me a lot to keep a happy mood most of the time. So I made this list of the best activities I would love to do every fall. Feel free to tell me on social media your best and fun activities for fall!


In autumn, you can do these following activities to get into the right mood:

  • Go outside for a nice fall walk
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Decorate your home
  • Plan a short weekend trip for a hike in the mountains
  • Enjoy a cozy evening with a hot beverage
  • Make a watch or read list
  • Change your wardrobe fitting to autumn
  • Start self-care routines
  • Visit a farmers market
  • Plan some nice autumn meals for the weekend
  • Celebrate a halloween-party with your friends
  • Visit a farm and take part in fun activities
  • Take fun pictures
  • Build a cozy pillow fort with friends
  • Choose a cozy activity for rainy days or evenings
  • Fly a kite
  • Celebrate festivals like thanksgiving or the harvest festival
  • Go outside and collect material for DIY-Decor
  • Make a nice fall campfire

Go outside for a nice fall walk

To start with an easy one: Going outside and grab some fresh air is refreshing for your body and soul. Especially in autumn there is so much to see and explore!

I for myself love to walk outside and enjoy the nature around me. In my hometown there were lots of forest and big fields around me so a walk was never boring for me. Especially in autumn as trees are getting more and more colorful, nuts are scattered all around, bright berries try to convice birds and other animals to eat them, there is so much to see and explore. I especially loved to walk around at times where the sun was breaking through the leaves creating an unreal golden light everywhere. So of course, I would like to recommend a walk outside in the forest or overall in nature.

However, as of right now I am also living in a big city where visiting a forest is more of an event than a simple stroll, I would also like to give some ideas on how to enjoy autumn in the city as well. Maybe your town has planted a lot of trees and bushes around you so you can get that nature feeling as well. Or you can visit a nearby park and relax there for a bit. Another idea would be to visit a local neighborhood with bigger gardens which contain plants and bigger trees as well. Or maybe you are chasing after that dreamy, rainy atmosphere with neon lights in the evening. Also, going out for window shopping or grabbing yourself a nice treat at a cozy café can also bring you in the right mood.

Another activity I love to do while being outside – even though this might sound childish – is rustling through fallen dry leaves with your feet. Also collecting small tokens of nature is a great activity you can do while walking outside.

Carve a pumpkin

This one is one of the basic activities for October – and it kinda feels like you should never skip this even though I have only done it twice in my life.

Carving a pumpkin is a fun idea to do with friends and family. If you don’t have anyone around you who might join you, you can also create a nice and cozy atmosphere with music and some snacks.

Normally you would carve the standard big orange pumpkin every year but maybe twist it and try out different varieties. Just be sure beforehand that the pumpkin is carvable or be ready to experiment around a bit. There are also a lot of options on how you can carve your pumpkin. You could do standard faces or be more funny, you can be artistic or abstract, or you can work with colors. Maybe also adding other crafting materials like paint or stickers can make your pumpkins even more special. Another funny idea would be to create a nice scene with your pumpkins and decorations.

Don’t forget to save the seeds: you can roast them by yourself! Just be sure they are safe for consumption.If you did a nice carving, feel free to tag me on your social media and share your ideas with me!

Decorate your home

Autumn decoration

This is one of the activities I love the most: Decorating my whole home to see signs of the season everywhere I look. You can decorate every single inch and even change out the whole decor or you just set up one nice branch with colorful leaves. It is all up to you how much you want to change your home.

There are also different ways to approach your decoration: you can buy it completely from stores (a lot of them have decorations in sale right now) or you craft them on your own. As for me, I like to do a combination of both: Since I only have a balcony I can’t plant pumpkins. However, by collecting some nuts and berries and buying some ornamental pumpkins from a nearby flower shop, I was able to make some small autumn arrangements.

You can also use a nice reddish-orange-yellow color palette for your blankets, pillows, and tableware to enhance the mood.

Even more minimalistic approaches can work out well! Find out the right way for yourself and try out different ideas. As for me, I use Instagram and especially Pinterest a lot for inspiration. If you are unsure of how to search there, feel free to visit my Pinboard about Autumn Decor DIY. It is mainly about DIY ideas but it also serves as a great inspiration source.

Plan a short weekend trip for a hike in the mountains

This is kinda similar to the first activity. As of right now where I am living in a city in Northern Germany, there are no mountains nearby. However, since I’m from a region full of hills and mountains, I want to recommend this activity.

Gearing yourself up and packing some snacks and drinks, hiking together with a partner or alone through the woods, and climbing up hills to end up at a nice spot with a great view is just magical. Especially in fall when the whole forest is colored into multiple shades, a hike is just great to relax and get your mind to calm down.

Depending on how far you want to go, you can even rent a nice cabin in the woods and relax there. Or you search for nice accommodations near a sightseeing point. Find out what is important for you in your current situation and choose the option that comforts you the most.

Please be sure to prepare accordingly for such a weekend, especially a hike. However, the planning for the trip could fill you with excitement, so even that is part of the experience. And as soon as you are there, let your mind wander and take in the scenery!

Enjoy a cozy evening with a hot beverage

Easy and simple: Grab a nice hot beverage, grab your favorite blanket and sitting spot together with some snacks, and sit down to just relax and calm down.

Maybe listening to music, watching a film, playing a cozy game, reading a good book, or just looking out the window is a good way to calm you down. Lighting some candles or warm comfy lights can increase the mood. If you want someone beside you, feel free to ask them to join you!

Regarding beverages, there are lots of options: Hot chocolate, tea, coffee, or maybe a warm spicy drink. Maybe you already got the right beverage in mind for you, or maybe you want to get more experimentative. If you are still searching for just the right drink, be sure to check out some inspirations online! I’ve also already created a Pinboard about Autumn Beverages where lots of ideas are already collected. I will try to update it regularly, so you won’t miss out on fitting beverages.

Make a watch or read list

Especially in November when the rainy and cold days start to set in, I tend to stay inside a lot more. This is why having a nice indoor activity like reading or watching movies (or even maybe listening to podcasts) is helpful to do something else instead of just scrolling through social media.

Start collecting movies or series that you always wanted to watch or write down some great books you were never able to read. Another idea would be to revisit already-seen movies or read books to remind yourself of the good times you had with them. You can start making an event out of this like a movie night or a book club, or you integrate it into your weekly routine.

Maybe start a new genre, or grab yourself a mix of them. Search for a theme like autumn, love, or aliens, and write down fitting book or movie ideas. It is up to you to also create an educational content list for yourself if you want to spend the time more productively. Or you start learning a new language and try to fit the content into that language.

If you are unsure of which movies or books (or podcasts) you want to put on your list, or maybe you want an already created list, I have collected some links to share with you:



For podcasts, visit your favorite platform to listen to postcasts from and go on their rankings as well as Spotify’s and Audible’s.

Change your wardrobe fitting to autumn

Another thing – which is kind of a must – is changing your wardrobe. Get your pullovers, scarves, thick jackets, and hats out and hang them in your closet or wardrobe. This way, you are stylish in autumn and prepared for the cold temperatures that are most likely to come.

If you feel fancy, you can try to fit your wardrobe into autumn. Wear brownish, red, and yellow colors, and use the onion principle for your outfit planning.

If you are unsure of how to dress up, be sure to check out Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration or follow up on some guides. Maybe you can start combining your clothes in a new way, or visit a second-hand shop to avoid throwing away clothes (or maybe try to give them away if you can). If you are short on money, maybe visit some second-hand websites or flea markets, or use the summer sale early enough to find some combination ideas for early fall.

Start selfcare routines

With the days getting shorter and more grey, starting a self-care routine can help you keep a happy and healthy mind. Depending on how far and in which direction you want to go, there are different options on what to do.

For example, I started treating face care more seriously. Especially in these cold months, my face tends to dry out. As well as my lips which is why I’ve also started carrying around a lip balm with me. Another helper for dry skin is Vaseline, a great product for keeping your skin hydrated and protected. It will feel sticky though. Don’t worry though: there are a lot of great guides out there to figure out the best face care for your or you ask your dermatologist.

Another idea instead of face and body self-care is cooking meals you enjoy eating. Or grab that coffee you like once a week. Having a nice candlelight evening with a good book and a good drink could also be a way.

Try to figure out what you need right now and what seems good to calm you down and bring you into a cozy and good mood. Maybe it is spending time with friends, maybe it is some quality alone time. A little bit of self-care and better self awareness might help you through this gloomy season.

Visit a farmer's market

To visit a farmers market is always nice. Especially in autumn, there are a lot of different crops on display that are just in season right now. Be sure to check out my guide on which produce you should keep your eyes out.

You can also think about different ideas on what to cook with your bought groceries there. Or just take a stroll and enjoy the vibrant colors and the scent of ripe produce. Maybe start a conversation with one of the sellers. You might learn more about their products and get some insights about how to handle them. Maybe you will also learn a nice personal story from the sellers or people visiting the market.

If the weather is nice, you can maybe pair your visit with a nice walk afterward. Enjoy the atmosphere and grab some delicious groceries!

Plan some nice autumn meals for the weekend

If you haven’t done it yet, cooking meals fitting to autumn can bring you joy. I love the different flavors I can use in autumn. At least I can’t use pumpkin spice with a good feeling in spring a lot of times.

The colors and the flavor will get you more into the autumnal mood. If you are unsure of which products to combine or you want some recipe ideas, be sure to follow my guide about seasonal food in autumn.

You don’t need to cook fitting to autumn every day. Find a schedule for yourself – like every Sunday, every grocery shopping day, or whenever you feel like it – and cook as you see fit. More complicated or an easier recipe, every day or just once – it all depends on you and a good feeling about your meals.

Visit a farm and take part in fun activities

Visiting a farm all year round can be fun. Like visiting the animals watching them being fed, or taking a stroll through the fields. Especially in autumn, there might be some fun activities planned at a farm.

Check around your area or ask one of your local farmers if they want to plan an event to attract visitors. If there are no farms close by, maybe plan a trip to one with events and spend a night there.

If you find a farm with planned festivals, they might have activities like apple bobbing, pumpkin decorating, hay rides, or corn mazes. If you don’t have a farm around with such activities and want to experience this, maybe plan an event with your neighbors, friends, and family and decorate your lawn accordingly for a small festival. It will be especially fun for children.

Take fun pictures

This activity is a great idea to have a fun time alone, with friends or with family, but also be able to remember the good times you had. Don’t forget to hang up those pictures or create an album with them, those make great christmas gifts!

Depending on how far you want to go, you can do a simple photoshoot or follow a theme. Maybe you remember the ghost trend where people used sunglasses and bedsheets to take nostalgic photos? You can also dress up for Halloween, or wear something cozy and colorful. You can also choose the time: nice sunshine, a moody and rainy afternoon, a foggy morning or a nice fire in a starry night. You can also decide on which camera to use: your smartphone, a good lens camera, an instant camera, or an old-fashioned one with film in it.

If you want to, tag me and share your fun pictures with me and the community! I’ll be happy to see those!

Build a cozy pillow fort with friends

Between us: I love building pillow forts. It just has been quite a long time since I’ve built one on my own. The cozyness is unbeatable and if possible, I’d love to keep those forts for a longer time.

You can choose with whomever you want to build it. You can even build it on your own. The position also depends on where you want to have it: the bed, the sofa, a cozy corner of your room, or somewhere else. Build a fort to snuggle and chill in there, or bring a console for gaming in there. You can also build it around a screen so you can watch movies in your fort.

How you build it also depends on you: do you want to mainly use pillows and cushions, blankets or light cloth? You can decorate it with fairy lights, but better be careful with candles because they might burn down your fort. Better use electrical ones to avoid any damage.

Gather some inspirations on social media and feel free to share it there if you want to!

Choose a cozy activity for rainy days or evenings

Not sure what to do on rainy days? Find yourself a nice and cozy activity for those times!

You can choose from some of the already mentioned ideas. You can also start writing a diary about your thoughts, or sit in peace and look outside to let your mind wander. A podcast is also a great option to pass the time. Starting a new craft like woodwork, knitting or something else could also be fun. Following hobbies like drawing or writing can also help you let your mind wander and be productive.

If you are not sure what to do, check out some ideas on social media or Google! Or maybe ask some friends for ideas or invite them over to enjoy some time with them!

Fly a kite

This is one of my most beloved childhood memories of autumn. Flying kites with my family on windy days was always a great activity. Invite your friends and family for even more fun!

Depending on which kite you want, you can build one by yourself but be sure to search it up on how to build one correctly. I as a child often crafted ones that were way too heavy. But if you use the right material it should be fine. If you rather want to buy one, there’s a great variety to choose from.

Maybe prepare some cookies and some tea or coffee as it might get cold on a windy day. And be sure to find enough free space to not let your kite get entangled with any obstacles – especially no electricity cables or other harmful things!

Celebrate festivals like thanksgiving or the harvest festival

You can spice up your days by celebrating autumn festivals!

You are probably already familiar with Thanksgiving and the traditions based around it. However, there are way more traditions around the world based on fall! If you have some international friends, ask them about their experiences and traditions. If you don’t have that option, search it up on the internet. I have already collected a few links which will tell you more about possible traditions:

Disclaimer: I still need to learn a lot about other cultures and traditions as well which is why I can’t guarantee for correct information posted in those links. However, please write me on my social media about your family traditions!

Go outside and collect material for DIY-Decor

Keep your eyes open for stuff to forage every time you are outside and have some time on your hands! Leaves, nuts, berries, flowers, … the list is long. Be sure to collect them and bring them with you. Do it alone, bring your friends or listen to some music: whatever you like, enjoy your time foraging!

Depending on what you have brought, there are a lot of things you can craft with them. You can press the leaves flat with books and preserve them with beeswax, or craft some cute animals with the nuts. The leaves can also be wrapped around glasses so you can put in some nice candles in there. You can also make some nice arrangements with your collected decor!

If you are unsure what to craft, check out my Pinterest wall about Halloween Decor DIY! I’ve collected lots of ideas for crafting DIY decor and I’ll try to update it as often as possible!

Make a nice fall campfire

Last but not least: Making a nice campfire and listening to the crackles while staring into the hot ember is always a great experience. Invite friends and families and have a great time together! Or maybe you do it all on your own and enjoy the warmth and calmness it can give.

Be sure to prepare some drinks and snacks. Things like marshmallows or twisted bread are always great. If someone can play the guitar or another portable instrument, you can sing some great songs together and celebrate into the night while warming up around the fire. Even though the season should be more moist than summer, be sure to get rid of any possible fire spreaders to have a great time.

I hope you can find some ideas on what to do this fall with this list. You can share it with some friends to plan for the days, or maybe save this post for next year. Make sure to share your personal bucket list activities for autumn with me so I can find some great activities for myself as well!

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